Empowering Migrants for Employment EME

Empowering practices

for recognising the skills and enhancing the employability of immigrants

This is an online handbook for you who work with adult job-seeking immigrants, design activities for them, or are otherwise interested in their employability.

For this handbook, we have chosen the best practices from our organisations and projects in Finland, Sweden, and Belgium. The practices can be used to support skills recognition and validation, to empower individuals and enhance their employability, and for the immigrants’ introduction to work in the workplace.

The handbook comprises the best practices alongside recommendations for a smoother path towards the employment. It also includes the description of the mutual transnational learning process throughout project. The practices have been used, evaluated and developed further in the ESF-funded project Empowering Migrants for Employment (EME).They are described and evaluated in a clear way and can be used in any organisation. 

Best practices

Go to the best-practice page to get new ideas on skills recognition support, empowerment and introduction to work.


The objective for the training is to strengthen and valorise the skills and experiences of participants


The target is to enhance immigrants’ working-life skills, and the focus is on specific occupations


In the workplace, the trainee / new employee gets a mentor, who introduces them in a specific way


The personae used are fictional characters based on user interviews, field research, and observations


The training gives the participant skills and know-how for acting as tutor of a work-life-themed peer group


A structured method for learning the lingo specific to the profession and the execution of work tasks


A visual tool to help the migrant-background participants to explore their skills and talents


Making participants’ skills and competence visible to them, the tutors, and the other group members


A method to introduce new work tasks for trainees and to evaluate their learning during the internship